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At “R Ways Consultants” we believe our job to be comprehensive in detail. We work with you to build the best foundation your company is capable of; sometimes this can be a relatively straightforward task, while others may present complex obstacles. But, we believe that we are the best at what we do, refusing to see failure. We will harness the most experienced professionals on an individual basis, focusing on each client independently.

Our experience in direct sales, sales management, executive skill, entrepreneur background, and local, state, and federal government knowledge brings most projects together with the highest degree of consulting.

Executive Director

Rich Blachford

Prospect Outreach:

Small Business and Corporations:

       Here we would do a complete analysis of staff and management ideas, principles, and techniques.  

      Discuss with your management short and long range goal setting and future planning for success.

      We would then begin to set up a comprehensive sales plan/organizational plan to accomplish the goals we had set previously.

      From there it is time to develop a plan of action to accomplish your goals by design

Cities/Local Government:
“How To” create a WIN WIN with common goal setting. 

      Working with your administrative staff, mayor/councils, committee members, community volunteers collectively to accomplish community projects through collaboration.

      We will start by Visualizing, creating visual pictorials to bring projects together in an idea for the future.

      This will give us room for analyzing, budgeting, and creating a new plan for each project.

      Within this new plan it will give reason for bringing a collage of financial partners, grants and private sources together to finance your project ideas from the beginning.

Grants and Projects
We stay abreast to all local, state and federal grants

      We bring expertise in finding additional funding sources such as foundation, community involvement, low interest loans, and collaborated sources towards your project.

      We will assist you  in writing and completing grants to your satisfaction

Sales Organization:

      We identify the word marketing to mean sales marketing with our emphasis on direct sales, increase customer activity all done with experience and motivation.

      We will begin to build your company from the ground up, our sales management team will help support the sales that are needed to accomplish your end results with product knowledge, know how, and inspiration to action

      We work to build a comprehensive sales goal with a comprehensive sales plan involving your entire sales team with the support needed to meet your annual/future goals.


Rich’s most cherished mentor was W. Clement Stone, founder of Combined Insurance Company of America. Philosopher, philanthropist and author. Mr. Stone was a great believer in positive mental attitude and the use of self help material to accomplish goals and to live your life in a positive manner.

Another great leader, philosopher, and preacher who teaches positive thinking as a way of life is Dr. Robert Schuler. These two individuals have made the greatest impact on the philosophy and teachings of R Ways Consultants. Leading to the seven principles of success:

      Develop a goal/plan, then work the plan

      Power of prayer

      R2 A2 Theory (Recognizing key ideas, principles, and techniques)

      The art of overcoming adversity

      The three ingredients to success

      Motivation/Do it Now Philosophy 

      Sharing 10 key motivational slogans to maintain a positive environment


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